Peter MacMahon joins Border as Political Editor

Peter MacMahon is joining ITV’s Border service, which covers Cumbria, southern Scotland and parts of the North West, as Political Editor.

I’m delighted about the new job, we are entering arguably the most important phase in Scottish politics in a lifetime and I want to bring the facts to life and add context for the viewers. – MacMahon

MacMahon is one of Scotland’s most experienced political journalists. He has been with The Scotsman since 2005 working across the Scottish Government and Business briefs before rising to the rank of Deputy Editor.

Peter brings a depth of knowledge and experience to this important role and it’s right that a journalist of his calibre should be the face of Scottish politics for ITV Border. It demonstrates ITV’s commitment to continuing our quality news service to the south of Scotland. – ITV Border’s Managing Editor, Catherine Houlihan

Border news programme, Lookaround, will return to covering solely the South of Scotland and Cumbria this autumn with 30 minutes of local news each weekday. Since 2009, through regional cut backs, Lookaround has been produced by Tyne Tees in Gateshead, in the North East. The format has seen the presenters of Tyne Tees’ North East Tonight front ‘both’ regions shows with the first half either prerecorded for Border or Tyne Tees, then a live final fifteen minutes covering lighter stories from as far and wide as North Yorkshire to Southern Scotland.

At one time the area currently served by the Tyne Tees and Border news service had three 30 minute regional programmes, with Border, Tyne Tees North and Tyne Tees Teesside all airing their own local shows.

Pictured Top: ITV News, Pictured Bottom: The classic Border logo.
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