Slow Start For The Guilty

ITV-The-Guilty-Tamsin-GreigITV‘s new three-part drama The Guilty got off to a slow start on Thursday evening while Channel Four’s Educating Yorkshire made a good first impression.

ITV’s latest detective drama, starring Tamsin Greig and Darren Boyd, made a less than impressive debut at 9pm last night. The Guilty, which also stars Katherine Kelly, launched with 3.5 million viewers.

The drama’s low-rated debut comes just a day after Whitechapel – also a detective series – kicked off its fourth season with a lowly 3.7 million viewers. The Guilty has widely been compared to ITV’s hit drama Broadchurch which aired earlier this year to stellar ratings.

At 8.30pm on ITV new comedy series Pat & Cabbage, starring Barbara Flynn and Cherie Lunghi, launched with 3 million viewers.

Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire, which is a follow-up to 2011’s Educating Essex, launched with 2.8 million viewers at 9pm with nearly half a million more watching an hour later via the time-shift channel.

Elsewhere Celebrity Big Brother delivered 1.5 million viewers to Channel 5 at 9pm. ITV2s The Big Reunion: On Tour had just under 200,000 viewers at 9pm; a very low figure considering how well The Big Reunion rated earlier this year.

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