Salt Lake City Banishes Days of our Lives To Late-Night Slot


Daytime soap opera Days of our Lives is set to become a late-night soap in Salt Lake City as its broadcaster shunts it to a graveyard slot.

The Salt Lake City Tribune has revealed that NBC affiliate KSL-Channel 5 has taken the decision to move Days of our Lives from its afternoon line-up. As of this coming Monday the sand will fall through the hourglass a little later than normal and by a little we really mean a lot.

The affiliate is moving Days more-or-less 12 hours from its schedule; it currently airs at 2pm but will now air at 1.05am. That means fans of the NBC will either have to record it or stay up late. Fans of chat-show Dr. Phil though will be able to catch two daily helpings – if only Days fans were so lucky.

At the present time the reason for the move has not been given. The Salt Lake City Tribune suggests it may be ratings related. Of course speculation is rife and already some believe it may be related to the gay storyline in the soap; its first in its very long history.

Daytime soaps in America have a tricky line to tread when it comes to same-sex storylines as viewers – and news outlets – can be very conservative in their attitudes. While As The World Turns and All My Children won much applaud for their same-sex storylines they did also prompt backlash from some quarters. Fashion based soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful has only just (within the last year) featured a same-sex relationship for the first time despite being on air nearly 30 years.

Whatever the reason behind the move it will be sure to disappoint fans of Days of our Lives. The soap is the last remaining NBC serial on-air having launched in 1965 and outlived other serials such as Passions, Another World, Generations and Santa Barbara.

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