The-CW-Green-LogoThe CW has become the latest broadcaster to develop a Wizard of Oz television series.

Deadline reports that the network is in talks for pilot based on The Wizard of Oz. The pilot is from Heroes creator Tim Kring and we previously reported its existence last month. At that point though the project did not have a broadcaster but now talks have begun with The CW.

This version of The Wizard of Oz is a drastic “re-imaging” and would be titled Dorothy Must Die. In this version a young Dorothy has become the fascist ruler of Oz whose future is threatened by the arrival in Oz of another young teen, from Kansas, who becomes head of a resistance movement.

Dorothy Must Die is the fourth Oz related drama in development at the moment; CBS announced earlier this year it was developing a medical drama based on Oz. Syfy has its dark fantasy post-apocalyptic version in Warriors of Oz in development while NBC has its own dark series Emerald City. Meanwhile the producers of ABC‘s Once Upon A Time have stated they are mulling their own trip to see the Wizard at some point in the future.

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