Martin ClunesThe sixth series of Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz, continued on Monday evening with a slight dip in ratings.

According to overnight figures the second episode of the series drew 7.1 million viewers to ITV at 9pm with a further 260,000 watching an hour later. Last week’s season premier drew 7.6 million viewers – though an additional 370,000 watched an hour later – which means Doc Martin dropped 400,000 viewers or so. However, its important to remember the ratings for the comedy drama are still extremely good and are higher than most dramas on-air.


Channel 4‘s one-off doc-drama Blackout, about what might happen if the national grind where ever to go down and Britain was plunged into darkness, had 1.5 million viewers at 9pm. Over on Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother mustered 1.7 million viewers while American import Under the Dome continued with just under 1 million viewers.

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