Further adventures of Spitting Image to be released on DVD

Classic satirical comedy series Spitting Image has proved a hit on DVD, with the Tenth series to be released on DVD next month.

The ITV series was a milestone in television comedy as Spitting Image lifted satire to a new level for over a decade through the 1980s and 1990s.

The series was produced by Central Television at the ATV Centre studios in Birmingham, bringing to live the latex puppets which mixed politicians with celebrities and sporting stars.

The tenth series brings that mix of political observations and the showbiz world together once more as the serialised story of John Major in the Adventures of Sad Man can be seen alongside Dimbleby reports from the Gulf while Saddam is too busy to turn up for his War Crimes trial.

Other highlights include Mick Jagger offering Kylie sartorial advice, the BBC tries to employ Tony Hancock and Robert Runcie meets the son of God – David of Icke…

Among its luminary team of vocal contributors are Steve Coogan, Ian Hislop, Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel, Alistair McGowan, Rory Bremner, Jan Ravens, Harry Enfield and Ben Elton. BAFTA nominated many times, Spitting Image won a Bronze medal at the Montreux TV Festival in 1984, firmly establishing its success.

The Tenth series will be available on DVD from Network Distributing on from October the 14th 2013, RRP £12.99.

What ITV needs today, and in fact what British politics needs today, is Spitting Image back with new episodes. We’re letting the Tories get away with murder, quite literally darlings. Spitting Image would have been wonderful to show Iain Duncan Smith as the ‘Poor Slayer’. It is much missed. – TV Critic Queenie

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