ATV Today’s Shaun Linden caught up with Neighbours star James Mason who appears in the long running Channel 5 serial as Chris Pappas.

Chris Pappas in Neighbours (played by James Mason)

We’ve a soft spot for Neighbours here at ATV Today, after all our current Hon’ President Alan Coleman was an Executive Producer on the show in the 1990s and ATV Midlands founding member Reg Watson created the series, so its always nice to catch up with the events down at Ramsay Street.

Today we’re catching up with one of the most popular actors on the show at the moment – James Mason, and the latest goings on for his character of Chris Pappas.

Viewers in the UK recently have seen Chris get back with Hudson Walsh (actor Remy Hii) following their fallout over Hudson taking performance enhancing drugs. Is the relationship now on track?

It definitely had a rocky start, however things are certainly on track now. Chris was very tentative in the beginning about investing emotionally after his break up with Aidan, however Hudson has proven to him that he is serious about the relationship.

What’s in store for Chris and Hudson?

I think the future is really bright for them. They both want the relationship to work and Hudson is prepared to give up a lot, his swimming, for Chris which is life changing.

How have fans reacted to Chris and Hudson and does it differ from your relationship with Aidan?

The fans have been really positive now that they can see that Hudson is genuine about his feelings for Chris.

Will there be repercussions for Chris for knowing what happened between Kate and Kyle?

Chris has been pretty clear with both of them about how he feels about their past so he doesn’t have to worry about repercussions, but Kate and Kyle certainly do.

Three years on since you first appeared in Neighbours, do you feel viewers are used to having a regular gay character on the show?

To be honest, I think it’s just very normal now. The fans accept Chris just as they would the other characters, his sexuality is secondary to the character’s personality. It’s really refreshing.

If there is a current or past character who you would like Chris to have had a relationship with, who would that be and why?

Being completely stereotypical now, there was a guest character called Gino played by Shane McNamara who was a gay hairdresser a few years ago – he may have been a good catch.

If same-sex marriage was to become law in Australia, would you like to see a storyline centred around gay marriage?

Absolutely. Neighbours is very contemporary and want to reflect what is going on in the community so I’m sure the Neighboursproducers would want to include a same-sex marriage if it was passed in Australia, particularly as Neighbours is one of the few dramas here to have a regular gay character not just as a guest.

Neigbours actor James Mason

Neighbours airs in the UK on Channel 5 weekdays at 1.35pm and 5.30pm.

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