UKTV Jamie TheakstonAs announced back in July Jamie Theakston is to look into Forbidden History for UKTV channel Yesterday. The show begins later this week.

Forbidden History investigates long held mysteries, conspiracy theories, secret ancient treasures, and lost civilisations, which over the years evidence of has been buried or supressed.

In the first of six episodes Theakston presents The Lost Treasure of The Templars. The remarkable real story of one the greatest treasure quests in modern history and asks if the Knights Templar hid their treasure on an uninhabited island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia?

For over two hundred years, adventurers and researchers have dug deep into the mysterious site hoping to find huge quantities of gold and Holy Relics looted from Jerusalem. In the early nineties a major expedition dug to 33 metres and hit a wooden roof to a large chamber, but with in days the chamber was flooded with sea water.

Were they potentially going to hit gold or is the treasure buried elsewhere?

Jamie aims to discover the truth and unearth new facts about these great mysteries and historical secrets.

Jamie Theakston is a great addition to the channel and Forbidden History fits perfectly into Yesterday’s remit of ‘Entertainment Inspired by History’. The series will appeal to the channels’ viewers as they really enjoy historical thrillers and fascinating stories, as the success of Raiders of the Lost Past earlier this year has shown. – Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday

Forbidden History, Friday 27th September at 9pm on Yesterday.

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