Mick Aston ‘tribute dig’ campaign continues

Fans of long running Channel 4 series Time Team are continuing to urge the broadcaster to make a one-off special ‘Dig for Mick’ episode in celebration of the life of series regular Mick Aston.

An online petition calling for the broadcaster to bring the Time Team together once more has over 3,000 signatures and over 11,000 members of a tribute Facebook page for Aston. The idea is that the show would be in memory of the archaeologist with a dig taking place at a location Mick would have loved to investigate.

Time Team was axed earlier this year in its original format after it’s 20th and last series. New episodes involve now no digging and take on a more historic documentary format.

We know Channel 4 aired a tribute night to Mick, but this was merely repeated episodes of the programme with no extra interviews; as fans we were expecting a little more from Channel 4. Mick was absolutely central to the success of Time Team, a very recognizable Channel 4 face and champion of archaeology in general all over the world. – Lee Brady

The campaign to get Mick Aston a television special is headed by show fan Lee Brady who notes that as Mick Aston was such a renowned and respected archaeologist and professor, a final Time Team dig would be a fitting tribute to him for all fans, crew, family and friends to say “Thank You”.

We do know that a fan has consulted Tim Taylor, the man behind Time Team, about the idea and he is believed to be in favour of the project. We understand production costs are high, but we know Channel 4 are a great broadcaster who would hopefully agree to pay respect to a man for who he was, what he represented and what he achieved in such a fitting way. – Lee Brady

Channel 4 have said the idea will be passed on to the commissioning department who ultimately make the final decision.

Mick Aston was Somerset’s first county archaeologist, teaching in numerous universities across the UK during his career. Born in the Midlands he began his foray into archaeology in the late 1960s – it was however 1991 when he first became a regular on Channel 4 along with fellow expert Phil Harding. Mick died in June aged 66.

The series and specials are hosted by former Blackadder actor Tony Robinson.

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