MTV Orders More Drama From The Valleys

The Valleys

Controversial reality TV series The Valleys will return to MTV for a third season.

MTV has announced the much criticised Welsh series will return for a third run in 2014. The Valley’s is one of MTV’s top-rated and most talked about shows. In terms of ratings the series ranks as second on the UK version of MTV with audiences of over half a million viewers mostly in the all important 18-49 demograph.

The Valleys follows the lives, loves, traumas, dramas, tantrums and outrageous behaviour of a group of young people who are taken out of the Welsh valleys and placed in the country’s capital Cardiff. The partying lifestyle of the youngsters mixed with their lewd and outragous behaviour means The Valleys often falls foul of the press and politicians.

ATV Today‘s resident critic Queenie Le Trout describes the series as “Trashier than Geordie Shore, TOWIE and Made In Chelsea put together. This really is the bottom of the pit darlings, the gravel pit. Quite frankly even Jeremy Kyle wouldn’t have the cast on his show.”

The Valley’s follows in the footsteps of Geordie Shore, The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea. With each new show the cast members featured have to be more outrageous to capture the press’ attention.

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