NBC-mediumNBC is developing a new drama based on the DC Comics anti-hero John Constantine; the protagonist of the comics Hellblazer and Constantine.

There’s another comic book based series in development and it’s another DC character which could be heading for a small-screen series. The success of Arrow and the initial success of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (as well as the big-screen success of comic book based films) means the genre is hot property at the moment and every broadcaster wants to cash in.

Entertainment Weekly report that NBC is developing its own comic book series and has ordered a script from Warner Brothers TV. The drama is based on the anti-hero John Constantine; a reluctant supernatural detective and former con-man. The pilot is being developed by The Dark Knight Rises scribe David S. Goyer and producer Daniel Cerone.

Although the script has been ordered NBC has not ordered a pilot yet and must do so for the project to be ready for the 2014 Autumn schedule. The television series, if it happens, won’t be the first adaptation of the Constantine comics.

Keanu Reeves played the anti-hero alongside Rachel Weisz in the 2005 self-titled film. In the comic books the character of John Constantine is bisexual, referring to old girlfriends and boyfriends in one comic, so it will be interesting if the NBC series keeps that or ditches it.

The news comes just a day after it was revealed Fox was developing a Gotham city drama revolving around the Batman character of Commissioner Gordon.

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