Channel 4The latest sitcom from Channel 4 introduces us to Dan, played by Greg Davies, a childish idiot trapped in an adult’s life. Crushing character flaws, an unwanted teaching job, uniquely dysfunctional friends and a willfully insane father conspire to keep this Man Down.

Dan’s world is at near collapse, his girlfriend Naomi (Deidre Mullins) is fast running out of patience with his inability to navigate the simplest of life tasks, while his best friends are Jo (Rosin Conaty) who has, what can only be described as, the loosest of grasp on reality and Brian (Mike Wozniak), a straight-laced financial adviser who is regularly dumbfounded by the complete idiocy of his two friends.

To compound matters Dan’s listless teaching career sees him begrudgingly teach a version of the same lesson every day, inexplicably popular with all but one of the pupils, with his only highlight coming in the form of Miss Lipsey (Jeany Spark), a head mistress who views Dan with a mixture of pity and despair.

Tormented daily by his father (Rik Mayall) whose driving motivation in life seems to be to ensure his son is humiliated at every turn, not to mention regularly physically attacked, does so while keeping it almost completely under the radar of his wife and Dan’s mum (Gwyneth Powell).

The series is written and lead stars The Inbetweeners’ Greg Davies.

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