James Corden on career and critics

James CordenJames Corden has spoken about his career and silencing his critics.

The 35-year-old cites Gary Barlow as his thin-spiration and jokes that he deliberately planned to get better with age.

I want to be Gary Barlow and peak when I’m 40. That’s my plan – he’s who I’m modelling myself on. Most people are completely beautiful when they’re young, and then there’s always a point when they get older where they say: ‘Oh what happened?!’

I want to go the other way. That’s why I was 21 stone aged 23. It’s all part of a master plan, you see, so I can slowly get better and better.

Corden, speaking to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, also tells the magazine how he bounced back following criticism of his work and lifestyle in 2009, reveals what it’s like hanging out with Hollywood legend Meryl Streep on the set of his new movie Into the Woods and talks movingly about his love for two year old son Max.

Fabulous magazine is free with The Sun this Sunday.

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