Danny Dyer joins EastEnders as new Queen Vic landlord


Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright are to join struggling EastEnders in an attempt to turn around the flagging soap’s fortunes.

The Queen Victoria will change hands this Christmas as Shirley Carter’s brother Mick and his family move to Albert Square, becoming the first family to arrive and immediately take over The Vic since EastEnders began.

Mick will be played by Danny Dyer and is the baby of the Carter siblings. He has always looked up to older sister Shirley (Linda Henry) who helped raise him and sister Tina when their mother abandoned them as children. However, Mick and Shirley have been estranged for years due to animosity between Shirley and Mick’s wife, Linda.

Mick has been billed as a ‘bloke’s bloke, who, having spent most of his life surrounded by women, is actually a big softie’. He loves his missus, his kids, his dog, the monarchy, and a bit of Land of Hope and Glory.

Mick  thinks nothing of throwing on Linda’s pink dressing gown and cooking breakfast for the family before tending to his bar duties.

Linda will be played by Kellie Bright and has been described as ‘a lioness who will fight tooth and nail for her brood’.

Linda has been a barmaid for most of her life but primarily sees herself as a mum. She is the big love of Mick’s life and the pair have been together since they were teenagers.

Danny Dyer began his career at the age of 16 when he appeared in ITV’s Prime Suspect 3, alongside Helen Mirren. Since then Danny has appeared in numerous films, television programmes and theatre roles.

I’m so excited about starting a new chapter in my career and I cannot wait to become part of the East End family. – Danny Dyer

Kellie Bright is best known for her roles in The Upper Hand, Ali G Indahouse and Rock and Chips.

I’m very excited about joining the show. Not only am I looking forward to working with Danny but becoming Landlady of The Vic is a real honour. – Kellie Bright

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Tina Carter would arrive in Walford this November played by Luisa Bradshaw-White.

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Although the Carters are the first new family to immediately take the helm of the Vic, there have been new characters introduced as landlords over the years.

The first time a new character took to the pumps was in 1990 with the arrival of Eddie Royle (Michael Melia) in Walford. Eddie’s tenure of the boozer proved controversial as he took down the signs and planned to re-name the bar, he was later killed by drug addict son of Dot, Nick Cotton.

In 2002 Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) came into the show conning retiring landlady Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) into believing he was her newly appointed pub manager Chris Wright. Peggy warmed to Alfie and when the truth emerged allowed him to stay. He was later joined by his nana and brother Spencer.

Dyer and Bright will start filming at EastEnders at the end of October and they will appear on screen at the end of the year.

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