Karl Pilkington in search of ‘The Moaning of Life’ for Sky 1

Sky-One-HDAfter being sent around the world three times for the hit series An Idiot Abroad, Karl Pilkington is going it alone on a journey of self-discovery for Sky 1.

Now Karl has turned 40 and officially hit middle age, he’s ready to re-assess his life. Sky 1’s new five-part documentary series Karl Pilkington: The Moaning Of Life will see him set off around the world to experience how other cultures face up to life’s big issues as he makes plans for his future.

Karl will explore five topics over the course of the series – Marriage, Happiness, Kids, Vocation and Death, travelling to places such as the USA, India, Japan, South Africa, Mexico and Taiwan. There he will meet a range of people from all walks of life as he looks at the different ways their cultures celebrate or deal with what life throws at them.

I’ve been on the planet for 40 years now, and I’m still none the wiser as to what it’s all about really.I’ve never worried about life’s big questions. People at my age sit about pondering about ‘why are we here?’ The only time I ever asked meself that is when Suzanne booked us a surprise holiday to Lanzarote. – Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington: The Moaning Of Life will debut on Sky 1 HD on Sunday 20th October at 9pm.

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