Linda Nolan on the family’s battle with Cancer

Linda Nolan - Daybreak/LorraineLinda Nolan has spoken about her family’s battle with cancer and why every woman in Britain should ‘Bin your Bra’ as part of ITV’s new campaign on the Lorraine show.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly about her own experience of breast cancer, Linda said she had put off going to the doctors after finding a lump but her sister persuaded her to go.

I made the mistake of mentioning it to Coleen and she just badgered me and my husband of course and said ‘I’m going to tell the girls, the family, my brothers’ so I made an appointment and I was actually diagnosed in between shows [of pantomime that I was doing at the time].

Cancer has affected Linda and her family over the years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and her sisters Bernie and Ann were also diagnosed with it. Her husband Brian was also taken ill with cancer and died in 2007. Of this time, Linda said, “the noughties have been rough for the Nolans.”

Linda also opened up about her sister Bernie’s battle with cancer, which she recently lost. Reflecting on the time leading up to Bernie’s death, Linda told Lorraine:

She was so amazing, she was so strong, right up until the end she was just ‘what are we going to do next weekend?’… It’s an absolute nightmare and our lives will never be the same without Bernie.

As Bernie came to the end of her life, Linda explained how her and her family gathered around her:

We’re a family, families have their feuds and all but of course when something is wrong with somebody that you love everything else pales into insignificance and yes, we were all there at the end, we sang to her… well the first day we went into sing to her and she went ‘shhh’ and we went ‘ooh typical.’

Then she smiled but we talked about the old days and we brought the dining room chairs up to the bedroom and we sat with her on the bed and when the time came, Steve and Erin were holding her and we were just telling her that we loved her.

On getting involved in Lorraine’s ‘Bin Your Bra’ campaign which encourages you to get rid of your old bras for charity, Linda said: “It’s amazing, I have loads of bras at home and I don’t know why you keep them!” before handing over a bra she’s pleased to see the back of, “This is my post-surgery bra so this is me saying goodbye to cancer!”

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