John Barrowman to host BBC One game show

BBC-One-2013John Barrowman hosts Pressure Pad, a brand new visually iconic general knowledge quiz which starts on BBC One in November.

Pressure Pad is a highly visual and exciting new format the beeb say and is unlike any previous quiz show. Courageous contestants descend into an illuminated arena, the Pressure Pad, to play the game.

Torchwood actor Barrowman holds court over and directs the game with his characteristic style and flair. A consummate entertainer, John keeps the audience enthralled, and the contestants’ nerves in check, as he takes them through the high-tension game.

I am thrilled to be hosting this new innovative quiz show for BBC One and look forward to seeing whether contestants can take the heat on the Pressure Pad, and join in having fun with me. – John Barrowman

In the programme, two teams of five players are pitted against each other, with the contestants looking down on the giant circular Pressure Pad. As the lights dim, the floor lights up, and the game commences. One by one, the contestants face their opposite number, and go down onto the Pressure Pad – setting foot in the quizzing arena.

Each daily episode comprises four different individual head-to-head games, and a team final. Winning the head-to-head, sees the contestant get to stay and play the final. The team with the most players for the final will have put itself in the strongest position.

If you lose your head-to-head, you’re out, and can’t help your team. Then it is just four questions and the victor is declared. – BBC

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