Katie Piper talks pregnancy joy

Katie Piper - Fabulous MagKatie Piper has spoken about her recent good news.

In a special Inspiration Issue of Fabulous magazine acid attack survivor, Katie Piper opens up about her pregnancy joy.

I just feel very blessed. It’s incredible really. When I go into hospital to have the baby, it’ll be the first time I’ve been there for something nice.

In the exclusive interview, which is accompanied by a photoshoot by legendary photographer, David Bailey, the 29-year-old presenter and model says she finds it strange when people say she’s inspired them,

I was put in a situation and had to decide whether to sink or swim, and I think most people would fight and get through it. It’s not until we get tested that we know how strong we are.

Katie, whose baby is due in the Spring, also opens up about the moment she found out she was pregnant and the morning sickness she’s been suffering from ever since.

Also in the edition award-winning Sky News foreign correspondent Alex Crawford reveals what it’s like reporting from some of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

Fabulous magazine is available free in The Sun every Sunday.

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