X Factor Sharon Osbourne

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has spoken about her three finalists and the unity of this year’s judges on the talent show.Chatting to Lorraine Kelly, on ITV, Sharon spoke fondly of her fellow judges, telling Lorraine,

I get calls from Nicole and Gary and they’ll say to me, we know you are travelling back and forth and if there is anything you want me to do or anybody needs some extra time, we’re here.

Sharon went on to speak about her family telling Lorraine that son Jack was “doing well” and that daughter Kelly is “a naughty girl because she’s not here! She needs to be here – she wants to come in for the first [live] show, she’s hoping to be here for the first show to cheer us on!”

Speaking about granddaughter Pearl and the recent picture Tweeted by Jack of his daughter dressed as the ‘princess of Darkness’, Sharon explained; “She’s getting ready for Halloween so we were trying on all these different things!”

On Pearl, Sharon continued; “It’s an absolute gift. People go, you know I’m old now, but you know what, gifts come as you get older and grandchildren is one of those gifts from God and it’s just the best thing that has happened to our family in years.”

Asked about children Jack and Kelly growing up in the spotlight Sharon praised her offspring saying;

It’s down to them and not having a sense of entitlement and understanding a good work ethic and understanding that you learn from your mistakes and they have done it all, but I’m happy they did it at the right age when you can still get away with it. If they’d had a mid life crisis it would have been, ‘Oh dear, I couldn’t do that’, but they did it all at the right times so I am blessed with that.

Joined by singer Anastacia on ITV’s Lorraine last week, who sung the praises of Sharon as a friend through difficult times, Lorraine went on to ask Sharon about being a cancer survivor, she said; “It’s like a sisterhood and to be a survivor and to be able to pass on any little words of encouragement or little bits of advice of what you learnt through going through your journey, and it is a sisterhood – you’ve got that invisible bond with that person.”

Sharon also donated a bra to Lorraine’s Bin Your Bra campaign which asks women to donate their bra to raise money for the charity Against Breast Cancer.

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