Doctor Who’s Web of Fear recovered

The Northern Echo newspaper has revealed that the missing episodes from the story Web of Fear are some of the Doctor Who stories contained within a discovery of nine episodes recovered from Nigeria.

The Web of Fear is to date a partly missing story from the fifth serial of the fifth season of the science fiction classic broadcast across six weeks from February 3rd to the 9th of March 1968.

The story is notable for the presence of the Yeti and its terrorising at a London Underground station. Some sources say all five missing have been found, others say only four.

The story for decades only had its first episode in the archive with little left of the following five editions.

The North East newspaper, seemingly breaking an embargo, notes that Doctor Who’s encounter with the mythical Yeti left a generation of children terrified and enthralled and now for the first time in nearly four decades it will be seen again. Its one in a number of stories reportedly ‘rediscovered’ – other episodes mooted include from the story The Enemy of the World.

The BBC will be revealing what exactly has been found at midnight after days of delaying the news.

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7 Replies to “Doctor Who’s Web of Fear recovered”

    1. it’s outrageous we have to sit on tenterhooks after all the money we fork out on their dvds which we should be able to watch on tv as repeats anyway – i pay my license fee – and the BBC chucked the tapes out of their archives dep’t anyway – they are totally taking the fand for granted – we paid for those serials with our hard earned money through the license so we have a right to know – NOW!

  1. Amazing how much fuss there is over this show that was for years the joke of the BBC with its naff sets, unrealistic alien costumes and ott acting.

    Funny what a big budget reboot can do!

  2. This show seems to be kept going by lonely gays and men who can’t get a woman so they spend their time buying mini K-9 dogs and little toy Daleks. Pllleeeease.

    Overrated half the time twaddle.

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