Jamie LaingScripted reality series Made in Chelsea is to gain a gossip and behind-the-scenes spin off series.

Mad On Chelsea will be hosted by Jenny Bede, stand up comedian, who will offer a light-hearted and irreverent take on what viewers were tweeting and sharing during the premiere of each MiC episode.

Celebrating all the quirky and funny observations on social media about the UK’s most glamorous socialites including Jamie Lang (pictured), Jenny will also greet two of the Chelsea cast to discuss, dissect and deliberate their latest antics. She’ll get the low down on the fans’ reactions to the weekly highs and lows of Chelsea life, as well as exploring the locations seen in the series.

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Fans who post the most memorable and witty words about the show will also be in with a chance of being rewarded in Mad On Chelsea.

4oD, Channel4’s on-demand TV service, is launching the companion show to the show which recently returned to E4. Mad On Chelsea is available through 4oD from 8pm, every Wednesday starting 16th October running alongside the E4 series.

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