Tony Robinson supports ‘Dig For Mick’ Time Team Special

Tony Robinson on Time TeamEarlier this week actor and presenter Tony Robinson publicly showed his support for a tribute dig to the late Mick Aston.Speaking to the Radio Times the Blackadder actor and Time Team presenter (pictured left) gave his endorsement to the idea of a one-off televised dig at a place Mick Aston would have liked to investigate.

Mick, a huge part of the Time Team crew and success for most of the series’ run, died in June aged 66. Aston was one of the co-founders of the idea for Time Team appearing in its early incarnation Time Signs in 1991. He appeared regularly on Channel 4 from that point on until 2012.

Mick Aston on Channel 4's Time TeamAston (pictured right) was Somerset’s first county archaeologist, teaching in numerous universities across the UK during his career. Born in the Midlands he began his foray into archaeology in the late 1960s but became a household personality thanks to his television work over the past two decades which saw him gain a legion of fans thanks to his personality, sense of humour and an ever colourful extensive range of jumpers.

The magazine noted Robinson is active behind the scenes on attempting to put together a Time Team dig in memory of archaeologist Mick Aston. Time Team is currently airing as occasional specials, but these programmes contain no new digs, just historic investigation in the form of paperwork and location visits.

Talking about the likelihood of the dig coming to fruition, Robinson told the Radio Times:

I’m part of it behind the scenes. Who knows? There are always political problems; certainly as far as televising the dig is concerned, I think Channel 4 might be uneasy about bringing Time Team back to life because they might feel that they would be subject to even more flack than they got when they cancelled it in the first place.

From my point of view, I think it would be a wonderful thing to do. Mick, as most of you will know, left Time Team in a bit of a grump – he left every organisation he ever worked for in a bit of a grump so it’s quite extraordinary he spent 20 years with us before he did. I would love to see one final Time Team conducted in the very best way it possibly could be and let’s hope the Time Team campaign succeeds.

Over 10,000 fans joined a Facebook tribute page for Mick following his death and nearly 5,000 have signed a petition asking Channel 4 to ‘Dig for Mick’ one last time.

I think it would be great way to show respect to Mick after he had worked so hard on archaeology in the UK and featuring in 19 out of 20 Time team series is amazing.

Tony Robinson backing the idea is massive support for our campaign. A lot of fans are excited by the news and we hope that the tribute could actually be happening. – Time Team fans spokesperson Lee Brady

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  1. This is not just about Mick Aston. It would be a tribute to everyone who ever worked on the show if it brought in young archaeologists who had been inspired by the show. I don’t want it to be a closure, it could be a passing on of the baton, but closure may fit the TV politics. Do it for Mick, and do it for the future.

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