Regency Dance celebrates Pride & Prejudice 200th anniversary at Gilbert White's House

The 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice will be celebrated at a Regency Dance in the beautiful 16th century Hampshire barn at Gilbert White’s House later this year.

Guests can dress in period costume, or evening wear, as the Hampshire Regency Dancers whisk the barn back into a bygone era of elegance and refinement with easy-to-follow country dances to their live period music, such as the Bennett sisters themselves might have enjoyed.

The Regency Dance at Gilbert White’s House & Garden and The Oates Collection in Selborne starts at 7pm with the last dance finishing at 11pm.

Tickets for the evening, priced at £90 per couple or £50 for individuals, include a warm glass of Negus upon arrival and a delicious cold fork supper with courses interspersing sets of dances. With a £10 discount per person for groups of four, its well worth finding a few friends to bring along and share in the festive merry-making; costumes and partners are by no means

For details and to book tickets call 01420 511 275 or visit

Regency Dance in 16th century Hampshire barn, Celebrates 200th Pride & Prejudice anniversary on Saturday 7th December.

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