Channel 5 commission ‘four clip shows’

Tiswas with Chris Tarrant at ATV Midlands

Channel 5 have commissioned four clip shows with The Greatest Stand Up Comedians, Greatest Kids TV Shows, Greatest Ever Christmas Movies and Most Shocking Celebrity Moments to air later this year.

The Greatest Kids TV Shows features a countdown of the 50 greatest British kids TV shows of all time. From Blue Peter to Bagpuss, Captain Pugwash to Tiswas (pictued above) and Going Live to Peppa Pig, this show remembers these well-loved shows with contributions from the famous faces involved including Phillip Schofield, Chris Tarrant (pictured above) and John Craven.

Greatest Stand Up Comedians is a three hour titter fest as the top 50 comedians of all time are revealed. From Tommy Cooper to Victoria Wood, Robin Williams to Joan Rivers and Jo Brand to Victoria Wood, this international list highlights the greatest, funniest comedy talent.

Greatest Ever Christmas Movies countdowns the greatest Christmas films of all time. From White Christmas to Bad Santa and from Elf to It’s A Wonderful Life and the stars of these films will be sharing their memories. Lastly the show the celebrities dread is back with a whole new load of shocks from this year.

Most Shocking Celebrity Moments will count down the 50 most scandalous celebrity moments from the news that the King of the telly talent show, Simon Cowell is to be a daddy to the increasingly naughty antics of Justin Bieber. Not to mention Miss Miley Cyrus and ‘that’ performance at the VMA’s!

It’s great to be returning with a brand new Celebrity Shocklist after the success of last year’s Celebrity Shocking Moments and we are really excited to be making a further three two hour specials for Channel 5 – Matt Crook, Executive Producer, Crook productions

The four shows are co-productions from Crook Productions and Objective Productions.

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