Wedding RingsFollowing the announcement that Kayne West has finally decided to make an honest woman of Kim Kardashian, a betting agency has already set up some odds on the actress.

Paddy Power say they can’t help but wonder if this marriage will fare any better than Kim’s previous two attempts and what the future holds for the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs West.

Well the good news for Kim and Kayne is that Paddy Power are offering unlikely odds of 8/1 that the happy couple’s marriage will be shorter than the infamous 72 days Kim spent married to basketball star Kris Humphries, while its 11/8 that this union will last more than 5 years.

However, Paddy Power can’t help but think that Kim loves nothing more than a wedding and judging by previous relationship this may not be her last time heading up to the alter. The bookmaker are therefore giving odds of 7/4 that Kim will be onto her fourth marriage by the end of 2020 and 8/1 she will have had more than 5 by the end of that year.

There is nothing Kim loves more than a white dress and a knees up, but with baby North in tow could Kayne be the last man to walk Kim up the aisle? The odds are saying it’s very likely it will be third time lucky for Ms Kardashian – A spokesperson for Paddy Power

Kim Kardashian Wedding Specials

Length of Marriage
2/1 Less than 2 years
7/4 2 to 5 years
11/8 Over 5 years

Match Bet
Shortest Marriage
1/25 Kris Humphreys
8/1 Kanye West

8/1 Kanye’s marriage to be shorter than Kris Humphreys’ marriage

Number of Marriages by End of 2020
4/7 3 or fewer
7/4 4
8/1 5 or more

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