Great North Run 2013Runners, footballers, skiers, free-divers and racing drivers Train to Win in a series to air from next month.

The thirteen episodes chart the journey of inspirational athletes as they train and compete at the top level of their sport. Each edition focuses on one sportsperson.

The documentary will follow their highs and lows and speak to their families and coaches in order to discover each subject’s ambitions and drive as they push their bodies to the limit and train to become the best.

The first episode follows Marius Dohne, one hopeful on his journey from South Africa to the USA as he competes for the highest prize in pro bodybuilding- Mr Olympia. The series then moves on to document the stories Martin Stepanek, as he attempts to break the free-diving world record and Luci Romberg, a member of Team Tempest, an 11-strong group of freerunners who rank amongst the best of the world.

This inspirational series will also Follow Qatar’s global search to build a world class football team before 2022 when they become host to the biggest sporting event in the world: the FIFA world cup and look at the science and reality behind altitude training and see if there really are benefits to getting high.

Train To Win launches November 1st on The Active Channel (Sky 281 and FreeSat 408)

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