HomelandHomeland will return to Showtime for a fourth series.

The American drama is currently airing in the UK on Sunday nights at 9pm on Channel 4 with episodes from its third series, however it isn’t the end of the story as 2014 will see another run for the popular series which is described as a ‘contemporary thriller about a troubled and unorthodox CIA agent.’

The series stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Lewis recently said he was ‘afraid’ that his character would be killed-off in the programme.

You have to sign up for a long time, then they’ll kill you at their leisure. I think the writers are desperate to kill me. I’m a pain in their asses, because Brody is quite a difficult character to write. There’s a high head count on Homeland. Any one of us could get it at any point. – Lewis speaking to The Guardian newspaper earlier this month.

Showtime executive Davis Nevins confirmed Homeland would be back next year. He noted the programme is one of the strong performers in their schedule and the drama had become an exciting, provocative and widely discussed show. He also added that the series had continued to increase its audience with every passing series.

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