Classic Car Rescue recommissioned by Channel 5

Channel 5Car fanatics Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione are to return to Channel 5 with Classic Car Rescue.

They’ll once more scour the UK, Canada and the US to find the most shameful rust buckets to return to their former glory.

The latest series will follow the restoration of the following cars: Ferrari, Porsche 928, Mercedes SL, VW Beetle, Fiat 500L, Delorean, VW Camper and a Corvette C3. CGI will whizz through the suspension and around the motor as we explore the technological innovations that make up these extraordinary vehicles.

The programme will employ archive footage to tell the car’s history, revealing the inspirations’ of the designers, and how they introduced new technology and why their creation was such a success.

Will the team make the deadline for completing the car? After some later-nighters, and last minute scramble for spare parts, the day of reckoning will arrive and the restored classic is unveiled.

Classic Car Rescue series one averaged at 1.2 million viewers and a 4.6% audience share, the programme is produced by Blink Films. Series two will air in 2014.

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