Christine Bleakey isn’t a telly turn off she says.

So far Christine Bleakley’s career has peaked with BBC One’s The One Show, everything else since switching to ITV has been either a critical or ratings disaster with wreckage spewed across the ITV archives in shows such as That Dog Can Dance, Daybreak and Dancing On Ice.

However in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine out today, Christine, pictured top on The One Show with co-host Adrian Chiles, sets the record straight on a whole host of rumours.

Dismissing claims that her long-awaited wedding to footballer fiancé Frank Lampard is never going to happen, the Northern Irish presenter reveals exactly when she’s going to tie the knot. And talking about her very public departure from the doomed Daybreak she says: “I don’t think I was ever as down as people thought I was.”

While some would say she’s brazen in the face of failure, others would suggest the the Derry-born presenter just has a positive outlook on her professional life and she’s not letting the list of failures stop her. The 34-year-old launches a new travel show on ITV next week, which she’s hoping will put an end to the negative ratings linked to her hosting duties. She’s also looking ahead to a happy private life with hints to her future baby plans.

She says: “Children would be a complete and utter blessing. I just know I’m not 18 any more, so I’m always wary about talking about it too much because I don’t want to tempt fate. It would be a lovely thing.”

Christine defected from the BBC and their flagship prime time magazine series The One Show to co-host GMTV replacement Daybreak for ITV. It however was panned by the critics and viewers deserted it. The show had the dubious honour of reaching the worst possible level in the ‘viewer appreciation index’ for any programme.

Not one to give up ITV have given Bleakley a number of series to front including the low rating dog-talent show That Dog Can Dance and when she joined Phillip Schofield on Dancing On Ice as Holly Willoughby’s replacement ratings were soon taking a tumble.

Fabulous magazine is available free in The Sun every Sunday. Pictured bottom, Daybreak with Chiles, Bleakley and the ill fated team.

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