Nancy, SvenFollowing revelations in a tabloid by Ulrika Johnson, Nancy Dellolio earlier today spoke to ITV’s This Morning about their mutual lover, former England football manager Sven Göran Eriksson.
Nancy spoke to the morning magazine show about Sven and his book, noting she was surprised by his revelations.

Yes definitely surprised because it’s not usually what Sven’s style is… I know he’s going through some financial troubles but I was expecting something with more style and more elegance.

I just started legal action against the publishers… the part of legal action is that Sven with this book is in breach of confidential agreement and we had an order signed in a court that we could not talk about some details that he did.

Responding to Sven’s claims in the book that she was difficult and would complain about anything from the lighting to champagne in restaurants

I take it like a compliment, you expect me not to be difficult? Of course I am.

Responding to claims that Sven said the relationship was not “blissful throughout” as Nancy once described it:

I’m proud to say evidently I was in love… it’s very strange to find somebody ten years together and not to be in love. Sometimes love and hate are the two faces of the same medal… I rather prefer to say that absolutely there were beautiful moments, like there were absolutely terrible moments. I definitely was in love with him, I do think he was in love with me.

Admitting that the couple broke up because Nancy wanted to write a book and Sven would not accept it:

He didn’t want me to write a book and that moment I said ‘you have no right to tell me not to write a book but the book is beautiful and I’m going to talk absolutely with nothing will you be upset or offend you in any way’ and he said ‘no, I will not accept it.’ I said ‘well, if you don’t accept it you can go.’ And in 2008 we separated because he didn’t want me to write the book.

On Ulrika Johnson’s claims that having sex with Sven was “as functional as an Ikea manual” Nancy said:

This is her claim, you’re making me laugh with her claim…

No comment on this, that’s been her experience. I will not comment but I’m not surprised, I mean the fact that is [sic] he was not interested probably in anything… Not only her, there’d be a few I don’t know how many he mentioned so he was quite busy on that side but I’m not surprised… This is her experience but it was nothing compared to me, I was a relationship, she was one of the many.

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