The Tomorrow People commissioned for full 2014 series

The Tomorrow People 2013The CW remake of classic Thames Television series The Tomorrow People is to run to a full series following a successful pilot run stateside. The reboot airs on E4 in the UK.

The creative team for the stateside pilot included Arrow boss Greg Berlanti as well as Julie Plec of Vampire Diaries. The Tomorrow People originally aired as a fantasy science fiction product devised by Roger Price for ITV London company Thames Television. A successful run saw 68 episodes air as part of the children’s output between 1973 and 1979.

A reboot was short-lived in 1992, however a more successful audio version was produced between 2001 and 2007. A previous television reboot failed to take off in 2010.

The storyline followed people who were of the next stage of human evolution, named in the show as Homo superior or the Tomorrow people. Born to human parents, at some point between childhood and late adolescence a “breaking out” process occurs which leads the teens to develop special abilities.

Tomorrow people evolved with special powers including telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. They operated out of a secret laboratory, The lab, built in an abandoned London Underground station.

The American revamp of the Tomorrow People along with The Originals and Reign have been commissioned for a full series in 2014.

“In just a few seasons, we have built a much stronger primetime schedule. Our on-air ratings are up year to year, and our digital viewing continues to grow exponentially. We’re excited about the creative momentum the producers have established for all three of our new series, and now our fans will have the chance to see the full stories unfold for them this season.

With the additional episodes ordered, plus two new dramas and new reality for midseason, we’ll be able to continue our commitment to adding more original programming all year long.” – CW president Mark Pedowitz

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