Its a science win for Silent Witness

Silent-WitnessSilent Witness: Legacy, a two-part story written by Steven Gallagher for series sixteen of the drama, has won a gong at The European Science TV and New Media Awards 2013.

Picking up the award for Best TV Drama at Combining a well-researched and intelligent science plot with a compelling and heartfelt human story, Legacy follows Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), Jack Hodgson (David Caves), Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) and Liz Carr (Clarissa Mullery) as they uncover a major 1960s nuclear accident through piecing together forensic clues from its present-day aftermath.

Gallagher, who flew to Lisbon to collect the award last week on behalf of series, has a successful track-record writing science-themed popular drama, including ITV’s Eleventh Hour, which was picked up and remade in the US by Jerry Bruckheimer.

I was so happy to work on Silent Witness. It takes its science seriously, and continues to command the respect it deserves as a flagship drama with top-drawer production values. You need to come in with a healthy curiosity and an open mind. The access to experts, and the creative dialogue that goes into shaping the story, make it a terrific experience for any writer. – Steven Gallagher

As Silent Witness prepares to return to BBC One early next year for its seventeenth series, the show’s producer, former Crossroads boss Sharon Bloom, speaks of the show’s commitment to being as scientifically accurate as possible.

One of the aspects of Silent Witness that we hope the audience enjoy is the ‘behind closed door’ look at the world and work of our forensic team. We have brilliant expert advisors on the series who work closely with the writers and production to ensure this world is not only authentic but also current. Everyone who works on Silent Witness strives to get the science right, so it’s extremely rewarding to win an award that recognises this effort.

The European Science TV and New Media Awards ceremony took place at Lisbon’s Pavilion of Knowledge, Ciência Viva on Friday 22nd November 2013.

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