Dr Christian, Hotel GBSupersize vs Superskinny is to return to UK screens in January with a series the production company describe as their most ‘extreme’ to date.

The Channel 4 aired programme returns to investigate the UK’s dysfunctional relationship with food. Presented by Dr Christian Jessen the series follows diet swappers as they battle to overcome their extreme eating habits.

The Supersize and the Superskinny are brought together to help each other understand where they are going so wrong with their unhealthy diets. These over and under eaters have more in common than they think. Dr Christian encourages them to unearth the deep-seated reasons behind their terrible eating habits and helps them kick-start a new, dramatically improved relationship with food. After two months on a healthy eating plan, Supersize and Superskinny return to see if the hard work has paid off in a final weigh in.

In America, when it comes to obesity,’sin city’ is certainly no angel. Las Vegas, Nevada is fast becoming a go-to destination for bariatric surgery, and stories from both sides of the strip reflect where it’s all going wrong in the USA in terms of produce, exercise, weight gain and weight loss.

Dr Christian heads out to the capital of excess to investigate. From joining the Fat Interceptor Team who are battling to save the city’s sewers from a tidal wave of fat to uncovering the latest fat fighting bariatric procedure, he will reveal the hidden story of Las Vegas!

Journalist, author and former anorexia sufferer Emma Woolf returns to further investigate eating disorders in the UK. From the world of inpatient care, to worrying incidences of anorexia and bulimia amongst sportsmen and women. And, in a UK exclusive, Emma meets a woman whose diet of virtually zero calories has led to her being labelled the world’s thinnest woman.

The series is produced by Remarkable Television for Channel 4 and returns to screens in early 2014.

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