SuperxtarSuperXtar, an online singing talent contest has launched online this week.The talent contest, which is open to anyone anywhere in the world,  wants to change the search-for-a-star scene around the globe by doing things differently. Following The X Factor’s falling ratings some believe its format is now ‘tired’ and a new way of talent hunting is needed.  Now any amateur singer can submit their video to the SuperXtar website for internet viewers to vote on. Language or geographical location doesn’t matter. Any kind of music and style are welcome.

The world is full of TV talent shows and all of them look the same. We’re doing something new, –  George Ruiz co-founder of SuperXtar.

George and three of his partners formed SuperXtar seeking to fill up a gap in the entertainment contest world. They affirm that one of the main differences with other musical talent contests is that SuperXtar won’t be restricted by frontiers or language and it will reach audiences worldwide.

The executives behind the show also don’t want the site to be just another singing talent contest like the ones that overcrowd the TV networks worldwide. The singing needs backing  up with a little extra factor.

The singers will have to do more than just sing”, they’ll  have to entertain the viewer with some kind of dynamic singing performance and dance. We want to keep the viewer engaged. – George Ruiz

The contest will pick up winners every week and a final one once per year. Contestants should be at least 13 years of age. Prizes include promotion in different social network channels for weekly winners and a grand prize for the yearly winner.

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