ITV’s Bob Warman ponders Birmingham Mayor role

Bob Warman - Central News (1980s)

Former ATV Today anchor, and current face of ITV Midlands’ Central News, Bob Warman is considering becoming Birmingham’s first directly-elected mayor.

 “The fact of the matter is I have been approached by a number of influential people who have suggested that they would lend me support if I was to run as mayor.” He told the Birmingham Post newspaper.

Warman, 63, has been the one of the main hosts of the ATV, and later Central, regional news programmes for over 30 years. He presented the last ever regional edition of ATV Today on ATV Midlands in 1981 and launched Central News for the region in 1982.

Now Bob is making the news as he revealed earlier this week he is pondering whether to stand as a candidate for Mayor of Birmingham. If successful he will oversee the City’s £3 billion budget and will have the power to appoint the council cabinet. He says the idea to stand came from some influential Midland business leaders.

“I haven’t been associated with any kind of party politics, but I am interested in politics and I have strongly held opinions although they don’t necessarily ally with one political party or another… …I would very much see the job as being one where you are working for the benefit of everyone in the city, not for one political party.There is a lot to do in this city. There are plenty of wrinkles that need ironing out. But it is too early to get on a platform and I am considering my options at the moment.” – Bob Warman, speaking to the Birmingham Mail

Between 1976 and 1979 he switched from ATV to Yorkshire Television – at the time bosses in Leeds hoped to eventually replace Richard Whiteley with Warman as top presenter on the Calendar news team. However they had a change of heart and the late Whiteley remained. Still while at YTV Bob went into the television history books when he became the host of Britain’s first breakfast television programme, Good Morning Calendar, in 1977.

Bob Warman also fronted Miss Yorkshire, Miss ATV and Sky One’s version of the Central Television produced game show, The Price Is Right, in the late 80s and early 90s.

Such is his Midland status he also guest starred as himself in Birmingham-based soap Crossroads in 1985 as a Central News reporter covering a staff strike at the infamous motel.

If Warman decides to run for the mayoral position he would have to end his television news role, which would bring an end to almost 50-years in broadcasting. Currently there are only two candidates for the role, a Labour party MP and a retired policeman.

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