Celebrity Big Brother 2014

A round-up of the first tasks to take place in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 winter series.

Building Blocks: In their pairs, the Celebrity Housemates are challenged to build a tower which represents the size of their fame using Big Brother’s building blocks of celebrity. Taking it in turns, each pair of celebrities must choose a building block which applies to one or both of them and place it on their tower. They must then explain why they chose this building block by sharing a relevant story from their celebrity lifestyle with the group.

All housemates shared the same amount of stories, stacking their towers to an equal height, reaching the same level of fame. Housemates were therefore asked to use the knowledge they gained from listening to each other’s stories to decide as a group which pair they felt was most deserving of their celebrity status. The group chose Jim and Linda.

As a result, Jim and Linda were freed from their handcuffs and are immune from this week’s public vote.

In Your Head: The four pairs of housemates who were still locked together were called to the diary room one pair at a time. There, one housemate wore headphones and a blindfold so that they are unable to see or hear anything. Meanwhile, their partner was asked a series of questions and had to predict what answer their headphone-wearing partner would give.

Once they had given all their guesses, their partner removed their headphones and delivered their honest answers to each of the questions. As Jasmine and Sam predicted the most answers correctly, the pair won the key to free themselves from the handcuffs and also now immune from the first public vote.

Celebrity Big Brother, tonight at 9pm on Channel 5

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