Frankenstein: The True Story to make UK DVD debut

Frankenstein The True Story - NBC - Universal PicturesStarring James Mason, Leonard Whiting, David McCallum, Jane Seymour and Tom Baker the 1973 production is one of the most acclaimed versions of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein.

In Frankenstein: The True Story we head back to 19th century England, Dr Victor Frankenstein (Whiting), bitter over his brother’s untimely death, voices his wish that men could have power over life and death. Following a chance encounter with Dr Henry Clerval (McCallum), a surgeon experimenting in this very field, they join forces and Victor achieves the impossible, the creation of life.

He creates a handsome, highly intelligent young man (Michael Sarrazin), but unforeseen problems and the involvement of evil scientist Dr Polidori (Mason) lead to shocking, unimaginable horror.

This much lauded movie also stars Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud and Peter Sallis and will be released for the first time on DVD on March the 10th 2014 by Second Sight Films.

The release also comes with an introduction to the film by James Mason.

RRP: £15.99

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