Gethin Anthony drama pilot for E4

E4 new logo 2013E4 has commissioned a brand new drama pilot ALT to air in the spring.The one-hour production has been written by Being Human writer Jamie Mathieson. E4 note the drama will be a mind-bending tumble down a 21st century rabbit hole where the imaginary becomes real, where the unlikely becomes the inevitable and where the worst case scenario is actually only just the beginning…

ALT stars Game of Thrones actor Gethin Anthony as 24-year-old pragmatic everyman Danny who’s about to move in with his girlfriend Suzy, played by Roxanne McKee. Craig Roberts also stars as Danny’s stoner and waster ex-best friend Milo.

Suddenly finding themselves transported to a parallel universe where they encounter different versions of themselves, the pair soon realise dangerous assassins played by Jason Flemyng and Arsher Ali seem intent on hunting them down and killing them. With Danny desperate to get back to his own Suzy before it’s too late and he loses her forever, they embark on a series of darkly comic and dangerous adventures in an effort to get back home. – E4

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