Timothy West in Coronation StreetMarried for 50 years, actors Timothy West and Prunella Scales have away from acting been living a very different life exploring the stunning waterways of Britain on their canal boat as More4 is to discover.

Approaching their 80’s and determined to keep canal adventuring for as long as they can, Tim And Pru’s Canals  follows our narrow-boating heroes as they celebrate their golden anniversary with four very special, very different journeys across the canal network of Britain and France in a four part series.

Cruising along by narrowboat, Tim and Pru revisit the picturesque Kennet and Avon canal in the West Country – a deeply personal journey – which they saved from closure 24 years ago, brave the strenuous climb up the industrial Pennines on the Rochdale Canal, marvel at the dramatic Welsh scenery and staggering engineering of the Llangollen Canal and then hop across the channel to see France’s famous Canal du Nivernais in Burgundy.

Each journey reveals the rich and diverse history and culture of canal life, explores the beautiful scenery of Britain’s landscapes and wildlife and gives Tim and Pru the chance to recreate some of their most treasured family moments with their sons, Sam and Joe.

However, it’s not all plain sailing for our intrepid adventurers, along the way they brave the longest underground canal in Britain, overcome setbacks of collapsing bridges and broken lock gates. Both are battling the inexorable march of old age and Pru has recently admitted ‘”My day to day memory is ludicrous…I can’t remember things about life”.

With the physical and mental demands of navigating busy waterways, operating countless locks and clambering over swing bridges, each journey is a challenge. But they are challenges tackled with the energy and enthusiasm of a couple half their age.

Spun Gold is thrilled to kick-off 2014 with a major new commission for More 4. The show incorporates established British talent to deliver really engaging entertainment. Spun Gold TV has built a reputation on working with some of the UK’s biggest names to produce intelligent, entertaining programming and this new show is an excellent addition to our ever-growing portfolio. – Matt Young, Executive Producer, Spun Gold

Channel 4 have yet to release an air date and note the programme’s title may change.

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