gay-wedding-drink-mediumMeet the Mormons is the latest ‘sensational ratings banker’ from the makers of Benefits Street for Channel 4.

Love Productions are setting their programme standards firmly in the world of ‘trash TV’ as more sensational documentary episodes come to the screens with Three Wives, One Husband: Married to the Mormons. – TV Critic Queenie

In episode one Channel 4 meet the Mormons of Centennial Park, Arizona. But unlike the vast majority of Mormons in the USA, many of the 1500 inhabitants of Centennial Park break the law every day of their married lives. Because in this town, some men don’t have just one wife – they have as many as God decides. And it’s not men who choose their wives; here most women select their husbands – through divine inspiration. A world largely unknown and unseen to the general public, the people of Centennial Park have allowed cameras unprecedented access to their rites, rituals and lives.

Ezra Hammon isn’t prepared to wait for God to find him a wife. He’s dating a non-Mormon girl from out of town, much to the concern of his father, community elder Arthur. Unmarried 22 year-old missionary Hyrum Burton hears from the community’s priesthood that his life may be about to change. Elsewhere, Michael Cawley’s 24 children and three wives are beginning to stretch the family finances to breaking point.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what Channel 4 has become. A cheap version of Living TV. – TV Critic Queenie.

Three Wives, One Husband: Married to the Mormons, 10pm on January 27th on Channel 4

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