Soap Week: Pick of the Plots

Tonight’s soap Pick of the Plots is River City which sees Dan unsettled when a blast from his past arrives in Shieldinch.

Delighted to have Doctor Dan back, Tatiana organises ‘welcome home’ drinks at the Tall Ship. As Dan tells heroic tales of his time in Somalia, an unexpected guest arrives in the pub – Doctor Joe Dearnon. Although he welcomes his friend into the fold, there’s a hidden tension between the pair.

Later, Joe tells Dan he came to Shieldinch to persuade him to return to Somalia but Dan’s far from comfortable about revisiting his past.

Clocking a closeness between Tatiana and Dan, Joe confronts Tattiana accusing her of luring Dan away from Somalia. Convinced Joe is ill, Tatiana urges Dan to help his friend. And when Dan discovers psychiatric drugs in Joe’s rucksack he’s forced to take drastic action.

Elsewhere, worried about Nicole’s talk of adoption, Leyla urges Gabriel to help more with baby Grace.

River City, BBC One Scotland, 8pm

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