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Speaking with Phillip and Holly during today’s This Morning about his Big Brother antics, Lee Ryan confessed he ‘speaks before he thinks’ and finds the public ‘anti-Lee Ryan’ reaction is ‘way over the top’.

It’s hard to watch… but I did have these genuine feelings for Jasmine and with Casey I just wanted to be her mate. I’d just never met a girl like that, we had so much banter that I got on really well with. We got on really well and she even said the same.

A lot of things get me into trouble… I don’t think before I speak and I am the first to put my hands up to say that. I literally do go by my emotions… but the way I felt about Jasmine, it wasn’t made up, we had this connection with each other. And I just went in there to have fun, I’m a single lad, I can just mess around, Casey understands… but then I actually met someone that I really liked and I tried to tell Casey, but she didn’t want to hear it if I’m honest. – Lee Ryan on ITV’s This Morning

When asked if he has spoken with Jasmine since he’s been out of the house, Lee admitted that he has. He said,

Yeah. We’re fine. Absolutely fine… we’re good. I’ve explained it, she understands the pressures of the house, I’ve said sorry.

On the reaction from the public, Lee said

It’s got a little too much for me… I’m not going to lie. It’s like… I feel like I’ve murdered someone. I feel like I’ve some something to small kittens or small dogs or something and I did go in there as a single man, I wasn’t married or anything – yeah, I did get myself in a pickle, and yeah it came across really bad and I understand that, but the treatment I’m getting, I think it’s way over the top if I’m honest.

Revealing what he’s learnt about himself. Lee confessed that he ‘isn’t good’ with reality television series!

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