Camden Lock, LondonOne of the UK’s most impressive magicians is heading to Channel 4 and E4 with his own series – Troy.

It’s been somewhat of a successful time for magic on television with BBC One and UKTV’s Dynamo: Magician Impossible proving a ratings success. Now South Londoner Troy and his world is brought to Channel 4 and E4 screens in a new magic series from the network.

In this series 24 year old Troy will use everyday objects and situations to baffle and amaze unsuspecting members of the public. With his distinctive blend of close-up magic, studio illusions and spectacular stunts Troy will make pulses race and jaws drop as he shakes up the magic world.

In the first episode of the brand new series Troy heads to Camden where in a vintage store he takes to handling some very expensive glasses – and messing with the mind of a shop assistant, who has no idea he is being filmed.

Fancying a bite to eat, he heads over to Camden Stables where he comes across a group of girls and challenges them to a chopsticks competition with a difference, leaving them baffled and bewildered. Next, he decides to see whether fortune cookies can really tell the future as he makes a Chinese food stall holder choose a cookie to open – with astounding results.

On the bus to his home in Lewisham, Troy can’t resist the temptation of tricking the bus driver with a unique way of presenting his Oyster Card and uses his talents to help a passenger and her mum get off the bus. After playing tricks on his family at home, Troy pops in to his local barber’s for more mystifying mischief and that’s just the half of it….

The full Troy experience can be seen on E4 on the 11th of February at 10pm and on Channel 4 on the 12th of February at 11pm.

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