Coalition for Equal MarriageSingle sales of The Weather Girls’ 1980s hit ‘It’s Raining Men‘ has seen the track rise up the top forty and looks likely to crack into the top twenty.

The song has been part of an online campaign to get the song, first released in 1984, back in the charts following ridiculous comments by a UK Independence Party Councillor concerning gay marriage. The UKIP member noted that the legalising of same sex unions in the United Kingdom has lead to floods. The Henley-On-Thames councillor, David Silvester, is currently suspended by UKIP for the comments made in an open letter to Prime Minster David Cameron.

The track is at number 21 in the official mid-week singles chart.

‘It’s Raining Men’ became a popular dance floor hit in the 1980s, although in more recent times its been deemed a little too much on the cheezy side of taste for nostalgia radio station playlists – and is rarely heard. However at the time it peaked at number two and in recent times numerous cover versions have been released – the most successful being Geri Halliwell’s 2001 camped-up offering which reached number one.

You can find out which is the right track to buy from the campaign Facebook page here

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