Sherrie Hewson - Crossroads

Sherrie Hewson has spoken about her former Coronation Street co-star being found innocent of sexual charges.

During today’s This Morning programme Phillip and Holly interrupted the show to deliver the breaking news that Coronation Street actor Bill Roache was found not guilty of rape and assault charges.

Former colleague and friend of Bill, Sherrie Hewson – who was at This Morning to discussĀ Benidorm with co-star Jake Canuso – spoke out about the verdict. Fighting back the tears post watching a clip of Bill outside court, Sherrie said,

“It’s made me really well up… I’m sorry. It’s just that we’ve all backed him for so long and I just thank God for this day. We all know Bill. We’ve worked with him, we know of his innocence and we knew right from the beginning – this should never ever have gone this far… and it’s made me so cross.


“I’m so grateful, and his such a fantastic man. I’m so thrilled… but there are no winners, absolutely not, it should never never have happened.”

Explaining what it’s been like amongst his friends, Sherrie added:

“I can’t tell you the emotional release now for me – let alone him and his family for God’s sake – so it’s absolutely fantastic, but everybody has been terrified and scared… this climate we live in is so dreadful. It’s got to stop and today says it all. Stop it for God sake and let him get back to his work and his family.”

The full interview can be seen on This Morning airs weekdays from 10.30am.

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