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Today in Doctors Howard unexpectedly finds himself working with Barry Biglow to apprehend a Russian Sleeper Agent at large on the University Campus.

Jimmi and Hermione are having breakfast and planning their leisurely day ahead when Hermione accidentally knocks over a carton of orange juice which spills all over the floor.  She uses the wrong cloth to mop it up and then starts to laugh nervously at the situation – it’s too much for Jimmi and he snaps – Hermione retreats upstairs while Jimmi starts cleaning with a vengeance.  He tries to stop and gain control but can’t.  Meanwhile Hermione is pacing the landing, admonishing herself for being so stupid.

Later Hermione suggests they need to be more careful triggering each other’s OCD’s, Jimmi is left worried that it’s a serious issue. Elsewhere Al and Fliss arrive at the Abortion Clinic – she thanks him for his help and support and Al sits awkwardly in the waiting area.  Fliss comes out of her consultation, upset at the two week waiting time.

Over at the campus Howard spots a burglar climbing out of a window and apprehends the thief while security guard Roger hits his head and knocks himself unconscious. In a flashback to 1974 and Crossroads, which saw cleaner Amy Turtle mistaken for a Russian Spy, we find when Roger wakes up he’s talking Russian and seemingly unable to understand English.

Howard calls for help and Dr Miriam Syers, the Director of Russian Studies, arrives.  Miriam ascertains that Roger believes himself to be Viktor Grishkov, a Russian soldier – she suggests that he could be a Spetsnaz Sleeper – a Russian spy under deep cover whose true identity has been revealed by the bump to the head. She talks about trigger words which were used to activate spies during the Cold War and at the mention of ‘Spartak’, Roger suddenly jumps up and exits…

Doctors today, Friday, at 1.45pm on BBC One

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