CBeebiesCBeebies is to air a new factual adventure series.

Kay Benbow, Controller of the channel for young children, has announced the adventure series called Teacup Travels which will introduce young children to ancient history and archaeology through a series of adventures, seen through the eyes of a six-year-old girl.

Each episode of Teacup Travels centres around the relationship between an intelligent and inquisitive child called Charlotte and her Great Aunt Lizzie. Great Aunt Lizzie is an enigmatic and mysterious woman, who claims to have been an archeologist for more years than anyone can remember and is full of tales of adventure and intrigue that captivate Charlotte.

Charlotte loves to visit Lizzie and is fascinated by her collection of illustrated teacups. On each visit Charlotte chooses a different teacup, each decorated with an interesting historical item. It’s this item that provides Lizzie with the inspiration for her story and, as she tells her tale, Charlotte imagines herself setting off in her Great Aunt’s archeological footsteps to discover the item for real.

Teacup Travels will over its 25 episode run use CGI and green screen technology to take Charlotte on her journey over each fifteen minute show.

This is a first for Cbeebies to bring ancient history and archaeology to our young audience. The series combines story telling with high adventure in a way that will inspire and encourage children to want to learn more about life in ancient times. I think children will love going on the adventures with Charlotte to discover more about what life was like thousands of years ago. – Kay Benbow

Teacup Travels will be produced by Plum Films and will be shown on CBeebies in early 2015. The series is supported through Creative Scotland.

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