UKTV Jamie TheakstonJamie Theakston is to return to UKTV channel Yesterday with a second series of Forbidden History.

The first series of Forbidden History was a huge success for Yesterday, achieving critical-acclaim and reaching an audience of over 1.5 million viewers. In this brand new series every episode offers a fascinating insight into some of the world’s most hidden secrets, all told by Jamie Theakston whose captivating storytelling really brings each topic to life for viewers. – Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday

In the six part second series, Jamie travels around the globe, from Jordan to New York, as he investigates, scrutinises and analyses history’s most contentious secrets and takes viewers on his quest to discover the truth and unearth new evidence.

In one episode, Jamie enlists the expertise of local historians and experts and explores the lost city of Petra to see if ancient treasure still lies undetected beneath the ruins. In another hour long episode, Jamie investigates the extraordinary theory that the Nazis were engaged in building space crafts designed to produce electromagnetic disruption, before the outbreak of World War Two.

During the series Jamie also tries to uncover whether evidence exists to prove that the oracle at Delphi has supernatural powers and why the Order of the Rosy Cross is so ultra-secretive.

Adrian Wills ordered the new series and the deal was negotiated by UKTV’s Acquisitions and Co-Production Manager Emma Sparks.

We’re delighted to be working with Like A Shot Entertainment and Jamie Theakston on a second series of this mysterious and exciting programme. Viewers now have even more intriguing and astonishing stories to look forward to, including the search for the Holy Grail and Nazi UFOs. – Emma Sparks

Forbidden History returns to Yesterday in later this year.

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