Battlestar-Galactica-2004If you thought the Second Season of Battlestar Galactica was shocking you ain’t seen nothing yet! Although details of the upcoming third season are being kept under wraps it looks set to be much bigger than anything we’ve seen before.

The third season kicks off with the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, with a strong Vichy-France resemblance, but our hero’s who are down on the planet are fighting back. The planet bound episodes are set to last at least six episodes but will be much darker than anything we’ve seen before. Expect torture, murder and more experimentation on mankind by the Cylons. Meanwhile what’s left of the Colonial Fleet has fled but is desperately trying to return to the planet to rescue the population, but how can it defeat a Cylon force numbering thousands with only two Battlestar’s? Not everyone will survive this season and that’s a promise!

As we said exact details are limited so we can’t give you episode summaries but we can highly recommend the show once it returns. Exact dates are vague, we’re not sure whether SkyOne will air it in October, when it returns in the US, or January.

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