Question: How hard is it to find out what channel a programme airs on?

Answer: Not very!

So why is it that the Daily Mail today managed to get it so wrong? In an article about Felicity Kendal the paper claimed the detective series Rosemary and Thyme, which also stars Pam Ferris, airs on BBC One. Well they got the One bit right but the letters wrong as it airs on ITV1, BBC 1’s commercial rival!

Lack of Research.

It’s not the first time a tabloid has got the channel wrong. A few weeks back one of the tabloids claimed that Deal or No Deal was an ITV programme when it’s actually a Channel 4 programme and is thrashing ITV in the daytime ratings war!

If they get such minor details as channels wrong how on earth are we expected to trust their reporting on major issues like politics and world affairs?

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